Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Quick/Long Update

Wow....last post was late December with no update that I actually COMPLETED A HALF MARATHON!!! K and myself rocked it in fact!  All of the training was definitely worth the payout and reward of finishing my first and now I have the running bug.  I haven't ran lately due to a couple of health things going on, but I am hoping that I pick it up again big time in these next coming weeks for a 10K Run for the Zoo in May and then the possibility of another half in San Diego in June.  Who knows though!  I am trying to not stress about these things and relax as much as possible.  Jake and I actually just celebrated 6 months together and time has really flown I feel like.  We both have talked about never considering long distance and it has been a really good thing for the both of us I feel like.  I managed to just also finish my first quarter results at work.  I have been pretty curious to see what this first quarter would look like: coaching a team of people, hitting volume target goals, and trying to figure out a new city.  All in all, I've managed to do a fair job I think.  I have loved traveling around seeing other areas of the state too!  This next week we are headed to Ruidoso for a leadership retreat which is about 4 hours from Albuquerque.  I'll also be working in Phoenix the last week of April I found out for some training with work.  Jake is pretty excited about that I must say and so am I!!! I truly miss the weather of PHX, so it will be good to get back for a little bit!  In May I am going to my first Steeplechase event with my dad which will be an experience to say the least.  Looking at his pictures from last year, I am hoping to have as much fun!  I will also finally get a chance to see my sister Sloane who will be just getting back from her travels in Switzerland and all over Europe!  There are a lot of things going on but I'm loving the underlining theme of traveling to see loved ones and doing things I haven't done before.  Hopefully it continues!  Well I'm off to bed but I will hopefully be updating more frequently, because I have truly missed this!

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