Monday, December 26, 2011

Chasing New Beginnings!

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Many people I run into have mixed feelings about New Years Resolutions.  What do you think about setting NY resolutions?  Helpful? Waste of time? Good in theory?

Stephen Sharpiro has done some research I found very interesting and thought some of you would like to know.  According to Goal-Free Living (Sharpiro's book), 45% of Americans usually make New Years resolutions and 17% sometimes set resolutions.  Out of those people, only 8% are ALWAYS achieve success.  The more depressing statistic is one in four people have NEVER succeeded in completing a resolution in their lifetime.  That's pretty alarming to me!  As I looked a bit more into this research their was an interesting correlation to age and amount of success in achieving these goals.  Almost 40% of people in their 20's achieve their resolution at least every other year.  If 40% of people my age are able to succeed in these goals my question is why don't we set them more often and achieve more?  Out of the 60% that are not successful in these resolutions, where is the disconnect?  

I think most of us think that New Years resolutions mean setting a huge dramatic change in our lives.  Maybe it does for some people.  I feel like over the last 4 years I've learned setting smaller goals more frequently allows me to see the bigger picture.  I also have begun the art of creating S.M.A.R.T. goals.  If you are unfamiliar with what that is, I have found a great resource called the Goal Setting Guide.  I've also found that when I set goals, I absolutely have to tell someone about it.  This may be a personal preference, but I've found if I tell someone about a goal I have or something that I feel is important and ask for accountability I'm more likely to follow through.  The bottom line is that everyone has to take responsibility and motivate themselves to achieve what they desire.  Here are some ideas of resolutions I have for 2012:
  • Take 5 uninterupted minutes everyday for myself to sit and be silent.  I can write. I can pray.  I can read trash tabloid magazines. I can dream up my next reality TV idea.  I can do whatever I want as long as I am take 5 minutes of personal uninterrupted time to myself everyday.  
  • I will take 30 minutes at least once a week to study Rosetta Stone Spanish until I complete the first two levels of the program.  I've had it for a year and have taken lessons off and on.  I've heard people say once you leave school it's hard to go back....try adding in the astericks of learning at home.  I know myself well enough to understand that I have to make a conscience effort to make this one happen, but I have plenty of drive to make it happen I think.
  • This one is a distant third but I would like to complete the Chicago Marathon this year.  My aunt and friend will more than likely be running it and this one is a huge stretch for me.  I know it isn't impossible, because I finished a marathon in Denver this year.  I also remember the pain of 26.2 miles and the toll it takes on your body and personal life for that matter.  Interestingly enough while I was training for Denver, I envisioned my aunt running the Chicago Marathon in 2009.  The city, the course, the amount of runners, the accomplishment, all of those things kept me training.  To be able to run that race would be amazing I think.  
  • Lastly, I want to continue growing my relationship with Christ.  This one for me is the reoccuring resolution/goal.  I can say that having consistent quiet times with God are an opportunity for me, so here I am.  I am putting this on here as the commitment that everyone can ask about now.  
There are a few of my ideas.  Many people include weight loss, growing wealth, or maintaining/creating relationships as some of theirs.  2012 is a time to begin making your life look like what you want it to be.  The reality is you don't even have to wait though!  What will yours be?!  


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