Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fourth of July- Las Vegas Part 1

So this is a bit delayed I suppose, but there was so many adventures and wonderful memories from Fouth of July with my sister and friends in Vegas!  One thing I have realized about Las Vegas is I totally buy into the concept of it being a getaway.  It is totally an escape from the stress I have in life, but I would say it is a release in a different way than most.  Being outdoors in a pool, at a resort, meeting new people is something I can do here in town.  However, the idea of leaving my work cell and computer behind without any responsibility only lies when I'm out of town.  I guess you could say this is the root of my love for traveling.  Whether it is taking a road trip an hour away, or traveling to another country, the risk and adventure consumes me!  The idea of going to somewhere and getting to experience life to the fullest is the only thing I ever want! 

So as far as the Fourth went, we saw fireworks go off at Caesars Palace which was incredible!  The whole city was even more lit up than the usual madness of lights if you could imagine!  We lounged out at Rehab, a pool at the Hard Rock, earlier that day and ended up meeting a group of guys from Houston.  Oddly enough one of them actually lived on the cul-de-sac street that my family lived on of 12 houses back when I was in the 8th grade!!  Needless to say, my weekend was so relaxing! 

So what did I do?  Planned another trip to Vegas two weeks later!!  My two best friends from Tennessee will be joining me for their first experience so all I have to say is WATCH OUT LAS VEGAS!  It's my birthday and I plan on taking over that city as soon as I see the Welcome sign! 

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