Friday, July 30, 2010

Vegas Part Deux

I told you I wouldn't let ya'll down with filling you in on the latest Vegas Saga so here it is!

So I left Friday around noon with a new pair of blue Calvin Klein heels in tow and about a quart sized baggie full of jewelry ready to jet set back to Vegas for the second time THIS MONTH!  Now as I have said before, this is not a typical trip for most.  Even for people that live as close as I do here in AZ most think I was crazy for going.  However, Lebron was calling my name!  I jump on the airplane, hightail it to Vegas, and find out that we are on a list for Lavo to see Lebron James who happens to be in town.  Now anyone thats from Vegas would say "Whatever, there are always celebrities in Vegas every weekend".  I don't think they could say that Lebron AND the Twilight Wolfpack were available in the same day!  Thats right! Wolfpack attack would be at the pool Saturday.  As it turned out, L, C, and myself went to dinner at First, a rock diner in the Palazzo and had the most PHENOMENAL meal overlooking the Treasure Island pirate fight!  We went off to Lavo and then to the Palms later to run into a bachelor party.  I feel like everyone is either celebrating getting married or having a birthday in Vegas as a sidenote.  None the less, we loved our Friday night, rolled into the Planet Hollywood where we stayed and woke up early to embark on buying Cirque tickets.  For anyone that has not seen LOVE at the Mirage, GO SEE IT!  I had seen it once before but to be completely honest, it is my favorite show in Vegas.  We did the typical pool party and went to the show to then embark on another night of fun!  Sean Kingston played at Haze in Aria which was a pretty neat place. 

Sunday rolled around too soon but the crew was on a mission.  We wanted to lay by the pool with frozen drinks and get some sun!  So after finding our frozen drinks we walked to the hotel pool only to be told no food or drinks were allowed!!! You can drink on the actual Vegas strip in public but we found the ONE place that didn't allow us to bring our drinks to our pool.  So how did we solve the issue?  We watched the Ochocinco Show on VH1 and drank until we could feel alright about leaving our drinks in our room to go outside by the pool!  We met another party and ended up sitting in the sun until about 30 min before I needed to leave for the airport. 

Hair wet, sunburned, and disorganized suitcase together I made my taxi ride to the airport and got on the airplane to meet the most talkative guy I've met to date!! I know some may be thinking "Chelsea YOU are the most talkative person I have EVER met!", but I'm telling you people, this guy is the real deal!  I literally had my headphones over my head eyes closed and he insisted talking to me!  I kind of laughed in my head trying to think of ways to make him stop but I don't think he would have understood the hint.  My two other attempts were failures, but I managed to land back into reality with my senses still intact. 

Now that I have successfully made it back from this trip, I look forward to my trip to a friend's wedding in Columbus, Ohio in two weeks!  I haven't ever been to Ohio ever I don't believe, so it may prove to be interesting.  I'm not too worried because another adventure with L. and C. will be welcomed with open arms.  Its amazing how you can do nothing, but if you are with your best friends it seems like the best times in the world!  I'm so blessed to have them by my side as partners in crime despite a significant amount of distance!  Living and loving life with ones you love is all ya need I think!  I'm out like a Vegas night light!

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