Monday, October 17, 2011

Chasing Lululemon Clothing!

Scoop Neck Tank (

So this may be a reoccurring topic of my future posts. Just saying!  Lululemon as many of you already know is probably my favorite guilty purchase.  Why is it a favorite?  Well I always have the excuse of, "this piece of clothing will drive me to inevitably be in better shape!"  Enter link to amazing Lululemon Hybrid Jacket.  I mean REALLY?! How can you resist this in the light blue color?!  This takes me back to how I constantly have to change my mindset now.  I used to say this is way too much to pay for clothing.  I already have workout gear.  While I believe you don't need to necessarily buy this brand of athletic gear, I think its important to have true motivation for working out.  Some people love to know they can eat their favorite piece of cheesecake.  I enjoy buying ridiculously comfortable, fashionable athletic wear.  I know that by buying Lululemon, I am committing myself to wear this and where better than to work out.  I recently bought this jacket above with a couple of other items.  Below are pictures (courtesy of of my favorite items for this season.  Take a look and let me know your favorites!  Enjoy!!
Featherweight Hybrid Jacket (

Running crops

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