Monday, August 30, 2010

1/2 Marathon Progress

So as I have mentioned earlier, I am training for a half marathon this year.  I am going to run the PF Changs Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon Jan. 16th, 2011, and I officially signed up last night!  There's no backing out now :) 

I have been consistently running about 3-4 days a week with a couple of other activities thrown in between (mainly Zumba classes with Stacy).  In the last 3 weeks I've actually learned a lot about myself, so I thought I'd share.  One reason I picked running a half marathon is I am by no means a runner.  Actually, I think if you asked any of my friends and family if they have ever heard me say "I think I'll go for a run" the response would probably be laughter and/or an immediate "NO!"  I believe I would laugh at the thought of me running long distances which is kind of why I wanted to defy that opinion I have created about myself.  Secondly, I have heard a lot of people say its a different kind of release.  I have actually noticed myself reflecting a whole lot more and just actually creating an appreciation for more things that I have going on in life.  Lastly, I think this is a great way to challenge myself in a constructive way outside of work. 

I have found that at work I tend to stress over things which carry over into my personal life after work.  I really didn't like the fact that even though I was away from work I was thinking about work.  If I wasn't thinking about work I was preparing something for the next day.  I decided dedicating to something bigger than myself maybe would relieve that and put me in a better place.  I'll say right now I believe it is working, because I am thinking about what playlist I want to put on my iPod to run to or what new place can I go run by to change up scenery. 

As far as actual progress that I have had in 3 weeks, I am becoming very consistent in being able to run about 4 miles at a time where I started around 2.  Granted I am pretty slow but Kellie and I have decided we are really okay with that.  We will be tackling a 10K around mid October- mid November, so I'll keep you tuned in for that as we figure it out more!  Gotta run!! :)

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